Next In Fashion – Rec/Review

Next in Fashion is a a Netflix reality TV show where aspiring designers compete each week to design and execute the most catwalk worthy garments. At the beginning of each episode the contestants are challenged with a different theme/concept to work on e.g. suits, denim, activewear, streetwear etc. The show is hosted by Alexa Chung and Tan France, the two hosts are joined by guest … Continue reading Next In Fashion – Rec/Review

The Stranger Danger Talk Makes Me Sick

Writing this post makes me feel nauseous, but for that reason I think it’s a meaningful post to write. I can’t be the only parent that has found this subject a challenge to approach with their little ones. It’s not a lighthearted subject and it upsets me that this is something we need to approach as parents, but the importance of being a responsible parent … Continue reading The Stranger Danger Talk Makes Me Sick