Unapologetically Unsure

What does it mean to be “unapologetically yourself”?  It seems that people who are themselves unapologetically are happy and comfortable with all aspects of their own selves and are not afraid to be 100% who they are at all times without fear of judgment. There are people who claim to live their lives this way, people who feel like they have found themselves fully, know … Continue reading Unapologetically Unsure

They’re More Than What You Give Them

If we are all honest with ourselves I am sure we have all judged parents based on the behaviour of their children at some point.  When a kid acts spoiled it’s a pretty shitty look for everyone involved.  Not to mention it’s really disappointing when you are ashamed of your kids behavior, especially when you do your best for them at all times and put their needs … Continue reading They’re More Than What You Give Them